Guitar Chord Finder

Free Guitar Chord Finder / Guitar Tuner / Metronome

This is one of the most complete guitar tools available for free downloading on the Internet. Packed into a very intuitive interface is useful for learning and practicing guitar the way it should be - playing on time, with a well tuned guitar - thanks to the guitar tuner included - and having automatic assistance and the right chord theory with the guitar chord finder.


Here is a software that comes equipped with three different tools: the first is Guitar Chord Finder (this side of the software shows you the name of the chord and a diagram with the fingers' position on the guitar fretboard), the second is your Guitar Tuner (to tune your guitar by ear) and the third is the Metronome.

Find the exact guitar chord you are searching for (from a large list of chords available for every root note), play with a guitar correctly tuned and practice all your stuff with a metronome just as professionals do every day.

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