Open D Tuning (D, A, F#, D, A, D)

Open D Tuning

Here's an online guitar tuner corresponding for open D tuning, that possibly is an extremely common open guitar tuning used by guitarists...maybe, open D tuning would be the favourite between slide guitar players. In this tuning, if you play all strings open, you obtain a D major chord, so you can move the slide freely on the fretboard (playing all strings at once) and the sound will always be a major chord and this sounds so "harmonic".

Open D tuning is another kind of guitar tuning that is incredibly frequent on rhythm guitar. It's also used for guitars played as an accompaniment. To a lot of people, open D tuning can produce one of the best sounds. Additionally, it is the easiest to play and painless to achieve with our online guitar tuner.

The sound comes out rich because of the voicing set by the open strings on this particular type of guitar tuning. Open D tuning is very much like Dsus4 tuning. To start with open D tuning, you should lower the 1st, 2nd, and the 6th strings of your guitar by a full step. After performing so, take it a step further and adjust the 3rd string one half step to a F#.

If you are tuning without the help of an electronic guitar lower sixth string to D, use fourth string D as a guide or reference tone. Pluck them together on the guitar and adjust accordingly. To lower the first string to D, just repeat the procedure that you did on first string but this time, play the fourth or sixth string as a reference tone.

To change the second string to A, use the fifth string as your reference and pluck the strings simultaneously and adjust consequently. And finally, adjust 3rd string to F#. Strum all these open strings at the same time. It should produce a tune that sounds like one major chord.

In this online guitar tuner you'll see that the six strings are tuned up this way: D, A, F#, D, A, D counting from the first string (the thinnest) to the sixth one (the thickest).

Another advantage of open D tuning is that you are able to play guitar doing melodies with one string, and playing the harmony or bass line with others open. This is especially useful when the song is in the D Major tonality. Try Open D Tuning by using our online guitar tuner.

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